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The success of Integrated Science can be achieved by maximum participation by learners. This subject, enhances creativity, analysis, problem solving and an investigative approach. It can be taught effectively using a variety of methods (techniques) both in the classroom and outside. It is advisable that these are integrated wherever possible. Learners are expected to conduct experiments, study tours, fieldwork and project work.

General Aim

The main aim of the Integrated Science syllabus is to develop science competencies to assist learners contribute effectively in their own environment and also for their lifelong learning. These competences include:
 Attitudes that enable the responsible use of scientific knowledge and skills
 Communication and group work skills for use in collaborative team work
 The selection and application of appropriate science skills, apparatus/tools and strategies to understand and interpret the
world around them
 An increased awareness of the importance of Science Technology, Society and the Environment (STSE)
 Application of science knowledge skills , values and positive attitudes to everyday life and situations
Each unit of the syllabus is introduced with its own broader general outcomes. The general outcomes are then broken down to specific outcomes which highlight the content in terms of knowledge, skills and values that a learner is expected to exhibit as a result of the learning experience.

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