This syllabus has been prepared and produced against the background of the need to set high standards for mathematics education and actualize the country’s vision from ECE through to Teacher Education. It is a culmination of reviews of existing materials and policies from a number of countries both in Africa and beyond with progressive mathematics education. It also draws from studies, research and the country’s policy documents and aspirations.

General Aim

This Syllabus for Junior Secondary schools aims at enabling learners acquire mathematical knowledge, values and skills for the further study of the subject at the Senior Secondary level as well as apply it in their daily lives. It is for this reason that teachers should focus on encouraging communication of mathematical ideas among learners, emphasize problem solving and application to real life situations besides cultivating interest in the subjects.

The mathematical concepts and principles presented in this syllabus aim to encourage learners to think logically and critically and make connections between topics and with other subjects. To achieve this, teachers should put emphasis on teaching the subject in a manner where learners communicate their mathematical ideas as well as misconceptions. This approach will enhance learners’ understanding and appreciation of mathematical concepts and ideas as they construct their own knowledge. Teachers will also need to refocus their teaching approaches and continuously sharpen their pedagogical skills in line with contemporary approaches in the teaching of the subject.

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