About Our E-learning Services

This elearning.co.zm is a platform under the Ministry of General Education with partnership from Zamtel and Stear Labs. It is envisioned that through this platform the government through the Ministry of General Education will address the 6th pillar of the 7th National Development Plan which states "Not Leaving Anyone Behind". We hope you enjoy using this resource.

Transforming Lives

By providing learning resources and a means for learners and teachers to collaborate, we believe that access and participation to quality education will be increased. This platform caters for a range of learners including those who opt to learner through flexible systems. It will ensure that learners and teachers access learning and teaching resources conveniently and gain digital literacy. The portal will effectively contribute to Smart Zambia`s initiative of going paperless.

Our Mission

To guide the provision of education and training for all out of school youths and adults through alternative modes of education delivery, using different methodologies and technologies in order for them to gain knowledge and skills.

Our Vision

Provision of innovative and relevant lifelong education and training accessible to all through open and distance learning.

Our Goals

  • An open and distance education system that helps with cross-cutting issues like the HIV and AIDS and gender equality.
  • Effective use of educational technologies in a blended approach.

Learner Support Service

To serve you better we have set up Alternative Mode of Education Provision (AMEP) learning centres throughout the country. In each of the provinces, there are Open Initiative schools (OIS) whose mandate is to offer flexible learning systems. The learner Support services are offered through online and face-to-face interactions at study centers.



About our E-Learning

The Government aspirations as espoused in the 7th National development plan under the 6th pillar emphasize “Leaving no one behind”. In this regard, the Ministry of General Education, through the Directorate of Open and Distance Education (DODE) aims at increasing access and participation to quality education through flexible learning modes. Thus, this National E learning portal has been developed to ensure that learners and teachers access diverse resources and also provide a pedagogical shift from traditional ways of teaching and learning to technology enabled learning.

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