Welcome to Ministry of General Education – Directorate of Open and Distance Education (DODE) E learning portal. Thank you for visiting the E learning portal. This learning platform will provide you tremendous opportunities to learn and create content. It is our hope that the platform will accord you the benefits of finding suitable learning resources and content. Our quest is to always endeavor to afford you the right potential to enhance teaching and learning. With this learning portal you will move from one space to another impeccably.

The ELearning platform seeks to provide access to quality education for the out of school children, youth and adults as well as to supplement the conventional learning system in the Ministry of General Education with quality learning resources. The platform enables people to study in their own time and place of convenience.

The programmes offered on the ELearning platform are:

  • Early childhood education
  • Primary
  • Secondary (both junior and senior secondary)
  • Skills and vocational training

We envision to offer selected professional course in the future.

We urge you to feel free to contact us for any queries through the Contact us.

The need to use flexible strategies in teaching and learning is quite pertinent in the Ministry of General Education. It is from this perspective the MoGE through the DODE has set up an ELearning platform that will ensure increased access to the provision of quality equitable education to the out of school children, youth and adults and also to supplement the conventional education system.

Our mandate of DODE is to provide access to quality education to the out of school youths and adults using alternative methodologies and technologies. DODE has three units Educational Broadcasting Services, Distance Education, Open Learning which hosts adult literacy which is a sub sector.


Vision Provision of innovative and relevant lifelong education and training accessible to all through open and distance learning.


To guide the provision of education and training for all out of school youths and adults through alternative modes of education delivery using different methodologies and technologies in order for them to gain knowledge and skills.


The overall goals are:

  • To provide equal access to education at all levels through Open and Distance Learning (ODL in partnership with key stakeholders.
  • To provide quality and relevant education, which enhances knowledge, skills, attitudes and life-long learning.
  • An improved ODL policy formation and information management environment.
  • An open and distance education system that helps to counter the HIV and AIDS gender equity.
  • Effective use of educational technologies in a blended approach.

To serve you better we have set up Alternative Mode of Education Provision (AMEP) learning centres throughout the country. We are present in all the ten (10) provinces of the country; Central, Copperbelt, Eastern, Luapula, Lusaka, Muchinga, Northern, North Western, Southern and Western provinces. In each of the province, there are Open Initiative schools (OIS) whose mandate is to offer flexible learning systems.

The learner Support services are offered through face-to-face and online modes at study centres. Face – to- face learner support service provision is essentially for induction and conducting practical services which you as a learner would fail to do on your own.

Accessing Learner Support Services:

  • Provision and quality control of all learner support services at regional and local levels
  • Liaison with local communities, schools and other institutions
  • Providing management information to headquarters.
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